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TCN Oil Seals AP2967J

Colors: Black, brown, red or assigned color Application: Pump and motor. Size: Sizes Avaliable Service: OEM Service Availables Sample: available Delivery: Fast Packing: Customized Packing Part number: OEM Numbe
  • YWEI

YWEI SEAL company main product: TCN Oil Seals AP2967J

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 Product Catalog

No. Item Type Sizes Remark
1 TCN  AP0760 17-35-8 NBR/FKM
2 TCN  AP1013E 20-35-8 NBR/FKM
3 TCN  AP1033I 20-40-11 NBR/FKM
4 TCN  AP1147F 22-42-10 NBR/FKM
5 TCN  AP1148F 22-42-11 NBR/FKM
6 TCN  AP1260E 24-40-8 NBR/FKM
7 TCN  AP1338F 25-45-11 NBR/FKM
8 TCN  AP1563J 28-48-11 NBR/FKM
9 TCN  AP1665E 30-42-7 NBR/FKM
10 TCN  AP1709H 30-50-11 NBR/FKM
11 TCN  AP1904F 32-52-11 NBR/FKM
12 TCN  AP1978G 34-54-11 NBR/FKM
13 TCN  AP2085G 35-55-11 NBR/FKM
14 TCN  AP2085A 35-55-11 NBR/FKM
15 TCN  AP2086F 35-55-12 NBR/FKM
16 TCN  AP2083G 35-55-9 NBR/FKM
17 TCN  AP2240G 38-58-11 NBR/FKM
18 TCN  AP2388E 40-62-11 NBR/FKM
19 TCN  AP2379F 40-60-12 NBR/FKM
20 TCN  AP2390Q 40-62-12 NBR/FKM
21 TCN  AP2507H 42-65-12 NBR/FKM
22 TCN  AP2659E 45-65-12 NBR/FKM
23 TCN  AP2668G 45-68-12 NBR/FKM
24 TCN  AP2775G 48-62-9 NBR/FKM
25 TCN  AP2791G 48-70-12 NBR/FKM
26 TCN  AP2864I 50-72-12 NBR/FKM
27 TCN  AP2967J 52-75-12 NBR/FKM
28 TCN  AP2965E 52-75-9/3 NBR/FKM
29 TCN  AP3055F 55-78-12 NBR/FKM
30 TCN  AP3154H 58-80-12 NBR/FKM
31 TCN  AP3222B 60-82-12 NBR/FKM
32 TCN  AP3297G 62-85-12 NBR/FKM
33 TCN  AP3409F 65-90-13 NBR/FKM
34 TCN  AP3461E 68-90-14 NBR/FKM
35 TCN  AP3527B 70-95-13 NBR/FKM
36 TCN  AP3618G 75-100-13 NBR/FKM
37 TCN  AP3744K 80-105-13 NBR/FKM
38 TCN  AP3842H 85-110-13 NBR/FKM
39 TCN  AP3932B 90-115-13 NBR/FKM
40 TCN  AP3994B 95-120-13 NBR/FKM
41 TCN  AP4063B 100-125-13 NBR/FKM
42 TCN  AP4153H 105-135-14 NBR/FKM
43 TCN  AP4212B 110-140-14 NBR/FKM
44 TCN  AP4282G 115-145-14 NBR/FKM
45 TCN  AP4346B 120-150-14 NBR/FKM
46 TCN  AP4399E 125-155-14 NBR/FKM
47 TCN  AP4451G 130-160-14 NBR/FKM
48 TCN  AP4498E 135-165-14 NBR/FKM
49 TCN  AP4542F 140-170-14 NBR/FKM
50 TCN  AP4581G 145-175-14 NBR/FKM
51 TCN  AP4624G 150-180-14 NBR/FKM
52 TCN  AP4713G 160-190-16 NBR/FKM
53 TCN  AP4795F 170-200-16 NBR/FKM
54 TCN  AP4561E 35-60-15 NBR/FKM
55 TCN  UP0445E 44.45-63.55-9.5 NBR/FKM
56 TCN  UP0449E 34.925-57.15-8.85 NBR/FKM
57 TCN  UP0450E 33.34-72.39-9.5 NBR/FKM
58 TCN  UP0234E 38.15-57.15-9.5 NBR/FKM

 Product Description

Product TCN oil seals
Brand YWEI

 High / low temperature resistance, oil resistance, water resistance,  hard resistance, acid resistance, weathering resistance, abrasion resistance etc.

Application Widely used in gasoline engine crankshaft, diesel engine crankshaft, transmission,differentials, shock absorbers, engines, axles and otherparts.
Packing Paper and Carton
Delivery 10-25 days

 About YWEI

YWEI meeting-room YWEI office

YWEI meeting-room

YWEI Oil seal warehouse (2) YWEI Oil seal warehouse

YWEI Oil seal warehouse

YWEI Oil seal workshop (2) YWEI Oil seal workshop (3)

YWEI Oil seal workshop

In 2001, YWEI SEALS began to distribute and retail seal products throughout the country.

In same year, YWEI SEALS purchased a batch of vulcanizing machines and began to produce their own oil seals.

In 2002, YWEI SEALS started to build a factory, expand production scale, and introduce ISO9001 quality management system.

In 2003, seals mold has reached 3,000 dimensions, and the products have been sold throughout the domestic market.

In 2004, YWEI SEALS ordinary oil seal series gradually improved, the company's core products turned excavator parts oil seals,cassette oil seals,high pressure oil seals, improve product quality and develop International market.

In 2005, YWEI SEALS Registered with your own import and export company

In 2012, YWEI SEALS products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world,such as the United States,Canada,Germany,Russia,Belarus,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,Italy,Pakistan,Iraq,Romania,Poland,Argentina,Peru,Colombia, etc.

In 2014, YWEI SEALS began to attend in Exhibition to develop our International business.Our products have been recognized by customers domestic and overseas.

 In the same time, YWEI SEALS was established to integrate resources, define the market position, and form the one core brands “YWEI”,then attend professional Exhibition to develop our brand.

 Exhibition introduction


 Product Appations

Oil seal for construction machinery Oil seal for heavy trucks

Oil seal for petroleum Oil seal for ships