YWEI High Pressure Hydraulic Oil Seals
YWEI high-pressure hydraulic oil seal manufacturer, 20+ years of high-quality high-pressure oil seal manufacturing experience.
Core oil seal products: TCN oil seals, TCV oil seals, hub oil seals for agricultural/industrial machinery, excavator parts oil seals, high pressure oil seals, etc.
Application scenarios: Excavators, trucks, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, etc.
Certification: ISO9001
1. Manufactured in our own factory, shipped within 10-25 days;
2. Have design patents and support OEM/ODM;
3. Source price, 0 middle spread;
4. Customize professional solutions according to needs;
5. 1000+ spot samples.
Oil Seals For Pressurized Duty
TCV Type
Pressure-resistant oil seal with increased lip rigidity. Used for relatively small-diameter and medium-pressure rotating shafts.