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How to use and installation of oil seal

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Oil seal is an important part of lubricating seal.In the use of installation should be noted:



1. Clean and qualified lubricating oil shall be used.If there are impurities in the oil, its entry into the lip will not only accelerate the wear of the lip and shaft neck, but also damage the surface tension of the oil film, resulting in oil seal leakage.

2. The diesel engine shall not overspeed or change sharply in speed.

3. The technology of air filter must be kept in good condition, otherwise the dust in the air into the cylinder, on the one hand, to speed up the cylinder and piston ring wear, on the other hand, with the suitable cylinder wall lubricating oil into the oil sump oil pollution, cause the abrasion of oil seal, lead to the oil.


B. Install


1. When installing the oil seal through the key position, the key should be removed before installing the oil seal.

2. When installing the oil seal, apply oil or lubricating oil and round the end and shoulder of the oil seal.

3. All kinds of measures should be taken to prevent the damage to the lip edge of the oil seal through the thread, keyway, spline, etc., and the special tool should be used to assemble the oil seal.

4. When installing the oil seal, some oil can be applied to the shaft neck, and the oil seal can be pressed gently with appropriate special tools to prevent the oil seal from deformation.Once oil seal lip flanging is found, the oil seal must be removed and reassembled.

5. When installing oil seal, do not knock randomly with hammer, pick randomly with screwdriver, install the shaft neck of oil seal should have corresponding chamfer Angle, and repair the burr, so as not to cut the lip when installing oil seal.

6. When the oil seal is loaded into the seat hole, special tools shall be used to push it into the oil seal to prevent the position of the oil seal from deviating.

7. Oil seal inadequacy of elastic or lip have not necessarily wear, oil seal of the spring coil can be cut short a piece and then reassembled, or oil seal spring coil at both ends of the lap for a period of more, in order to increase oil seal spring elasticity, thereby increasing oil seal lip pressure on journal, improve the oil seal sealing.

8. When installing the oil seal, make sure that the lip edge of the oil seal is facing the sealed oil side, and avoid reverse assembly of the oil seal.