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  • The Ins and Outs of Hydraulic Sealing
    Why does anyone need a hydraulic seal? There are two general reasons; to keep something in or to keep contamination out. On the “keeping something in” side of things, today we’ll talk about the very common hydraulic fluid, oil. Oil is a highly useful power transmission fluid in that it has very low
    Internal dynamic and static sealing systems provide ultimate protection from any external soiling and contamination that will otherwise compromise application performances and adversely affect vehicle reliability.
    When seals become contaminated, vehicle performance and reliability is quickly compromised. Quarry-based vehicles, for example, are expected to operate around the clock while exposed to far greater amounts of dust, moisture and general physical debris than vehicles operating on the road. Operating conditions are harsh, but reliability remains vital.
  • How to use and installation of oil seal
    Oil seal is an important part of lubricating seal.In the use of installation should be noted:A.1. Clean and qualified lubricating oil shall be used.If there are impurities in the oil, its entry into the lip will not only accelerate the wear of the lip and shaft neck, but also damage the surface tension of the oil film, resulting in oil seal leakage.2. The diesel engine shall not overspeed or change sharply in speed.3. The technology of air filter must be kept in good condition, otherwise the dust in the air into the cylinder, on the one hand, to speed up the cylinder and piston ring wear, on the other hand, with the suitable cylinder wall lubricating oil into the oil sump oil pollution, cause the abrasion of oil seal, lead to the oil.
    YWEI Cassette Seals, deliver reliable first time fit solutions that fleet operators can depend upon. Each cassette seal includes: Static sealing system, Dynamic sealing system, Dust lips for dirt protection